About Us

Wells Central School District is located in Hamilton County in the Southern Adirondacks. Wells is made up of Students from Wells, Lake Pleasant, Piseco, Speculator, and Benson. We are a Pre-K through Twelfth grade school that offers a quality education in a small school setting.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Wells Central School is to provide a variety of learning experiences, which will prepare each individual to make positive life choices, which will result in productive contributions to themselves and society.


  • All students will enter school ready to learn.

  • All students will develop an appreciation for the arts and their relationship to academic and community life.

  • All students will understand and use the latest technologies and information services.

  • All students are encouraged to be socially responsible, tolerant of individual differences, and respectful of others.

  • All students will be prepared to independently and collaboratively meet the demands of a highly technical and global society.

  • All students will be prepared to accept the benefits and consequences of choices they make.

  • All students graduating from Wells Central School will have the knowledge and skills to begin a productive, satisfying career and/or pursue higher education opportunities.

  • All students will be prepared for life-long learning.

Belief Statement

  • Education is the shared responsibility of parents, student, family, school and community.

  • Every individual is capable of learning

  • Learning is a life-long process

  • Everyone has the right to be treated fairly while respecting his/her individual differences.

  • Everyone can improve.

  • Learning is a challenge, which requires self-discipline, risk taking and goal setting.

  • Learning should promote self-esteem.

  • Learning should be personally fulfilling.

  • Learning is best achieved through active involvement in a supportive environment.

  • Learning involves choices, which have consequences.

  • Learning should reflect an ever-changing world.

Wells Alma Mater

Dear to us always this school and all its walls.

We'll ever keep thy rule, dear Wells High School.

When we are gone from thee, still thou shalt ever be.

Fairest on land and sea, fair Wells High School.

Our hearts may well grieve so soon to part from thee.

But dear old school, believe our love ne'er will cool.

True hearts and friends well met, thy charms are with us yet.

Nor shall we'er forget dear Wells High School.